Start of the project “CBRN dispersion and response modeling in the cloud”

  • October 5, 2020

On 21 September, the Mechanics department welcomed Tristan Carion as a new team member. He will be working on the project “CBRN dispersion and response modeling in the cloud”. The project aims to develop new tools to predict in near real-time the consequences of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons release, in order to manage the consequences on our own units and the population. The unique aspect of this project is that we will run our models directly on the cloud infrastructure from ECMWF, so we can always have an up-to-date, accurate worldwide weather forecast. Furthermore, the Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) has been very active in the field of dispersion modelling and will be a strong partner in this study.

The project will not stop at the prediction of the contaminant dispersion, but also model the consequences and response management. To this end, we will build on SimJulia and models developed at the Mathematics department of the RMA.