Research Partners

The main research client of RMA is the Belgian Defence and as such, the research poles topics are centered around themes that are relevant for the Belgian Defence. As part of these research activities, RMA provides the Belgian contribution to the collaborative research in the NATO Science and Technology Organization and to the research conducted by the European Defence Agency.

Innovative applied research is usually conducted in collaboration with other academic institutions, research centers and industrial partners in a triple-helix setup, typically aiming at satisfying one of the needs of the Belgian Defence while contributing to the development of an industrial capability in Belgium.

Collaboration with RMA can take many forms:

  • Research contract;
  • Research sponsoring;
  • Expertise and consultancy;
  • Hosted and joint PhD;
  • Training and tailored courses;
  • Organisation of conferences;
  • IP licensing;

Research project setup and funding

RMA is eligible for funding by the European Commission (H2020 Europe, Marie Curie actions, ...), the Belgian Science Policy Office (Belspo), the regional bodies (Innoviris, the Walloon Region and Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen), the European Space Agency and other funding agencies, including obviously the Belgian Defence itself.

Collaboration opportunities can be identified by browsing the descriptions of the capabilities and research interests of RMA’s Research Departments, Research Poles and Laboratories, or by directly contacting the Research Support Office (RSWO) that may help identifying the suitable experts team within RMA and support the setup of a project.