International cooperation

The Royal Military Academy is also actively developing cooperation with partner institutions outside of the Erasmus and EMILYO frameworks. Bilateral cooperation is discussed and exchange programmes are developed in order to send cadets for an international semester or a master thesis to countries outside of the European Union.

As part of this cooperation, you could see cadets from the Military Academy at WestPoint (USA) or Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean (Canada) walking the pavement of RMA.


International semester

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in an exchange scheme and spend one semester at a partner institution. Exchange students remain enrolled at RMA while spending part of their study period abroad. When coming back and having passed the required exams, cadets are granted a certain number of credits equalling those of the RMA curriculum.

Master thesis

Cadets have the opportunity to go abroad as part of their thesis research. This may include working in a laboratory, in a foreign research centre, participating to seminars, conducting surveys and so on…

A promotor from RMA and from the partner institution will lead and coach the cadet during their research.

This possibility also applies to countries outside the Erasmus and EMILYO framework.



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